Glamorous Debut of YTWO Formative in iTWO World 2017

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Guangzhou, China, November 17, 2017

RIB Software SE, the world’s leading provider of cloud-based 5D BIM Big Data enterprise solution for the global construction industry, concluded its 5th world conference – iTWO World 2017 with resounding success.

From November 14 to 15, the iTWO World 2017 was held in the Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou, attracted more than 500 industry visionaries and experts from more than 30 countries. The conference started with an exciting speech “Hey Two!” from Mr. Thomas Wolf, the CEO of RIB Software SE and Co-founder of YTWO Formative. The speech brought up the groundbreaking ideas of Vertical Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which offer infinite cloud computing and machine learning power for the construction industry.

Featuring with iTWO community, the visionaries shared with the audiences about their digitalization journey and also dove into dedicated topics such as Smart Production, Smart City, Project Reinsurance, Virtual Reality, Big Data, and more.

As the Joint Venture of RIB and Flex, YTWO Formative was one of the key highlights of the conference. The visionaries of YTWO Formative also shared their digitalization and industrialization experiences during the first day of the conference.

Mr. Mike McNamara, the CEO of Flex and Co-founder of YTWO Formative, gave a pioneering speech about the tremendous changes in the intelligence age and how the future will be built through digitalization and industrialization.

Mr. Fanzhong Meng, the President of MyHome Construction, introduced how YTWO platform supports their enterprise-wide strategic development.

Mr. Christoph Gröner, the Chairman and CEO of CG Gruppe AG, shared their end-to-end digitalization management from initial planning to smart production supported by iTWO technology and YTWO platform.

The third day of the Conference witnessed an exciting hands-on 5D lab session in the iTWO 5D Lab, Guangzhou. The participants experienced the iTWO 4.0 technology and gained the first-hand knowledge of how the cutting-edge technology can digitalize and industrialize the enterprise and the industry.

During the lab session, YTWO Formative’s team introduced and demonstrated the YTWO platform in detail. They also discussed with the participants on how the platform can optimize the entire project process and bring real value to the enterprise.

iTWO World Conference has marked its 5th anniversary since 2013, and this is the first year for the visionaries of YTWO Formative to join the conference after its official establishment. With the strong back of the cutting-edge technology and professional supply chain expertise, YTWO Formative will continue supporting the building and housing industries on the transformation journey of digitalization and industrialization.

About YTWO Formative

Established in 2016, YTWO Formative is a joint venture of RIB, the world’s leading web-based 5D BIM enterprise solution provider, and Flex, the global supply chain management solutions provider. Combining digitalization and industrialization, YTWO Formative offers a fully integrated end-to-end cloud-based 5D BIM enterprise platform to support the building and housing industries worldwide. The digitalized and industrialized working process can generate savings and benefits of up to 30%.