iTWO World 2018 Successfully Concluded but the “Bauhaus Spirit” Lives on

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November 9, 2018, Guangzhou, China

On November 7-8, 2018, over 800 guests from more than 30 countries and regions gathered in Guangzhou, China to participate in iTWO World 2018, the top technology event in the construction and real estate industries. This year, it hit a record high number of participants. iTWO World 2018, jointly organized by RIB and YTWO Formative, centered around “Inheriting the Bauhaus Spirit.” The adoption of the “Bauhaus spirit” is meant to lead the construction and real estate industries through their industry-wide transformation: the digitalization transformation.

This year’s iTWO World hosted speakers in the main conference room and ran four parallel educational sessions focused on real estate, enterprise digitalization, prefabricated construction, and the future of technology. Additionally, guests experienced YTWO platform first-hand at the designated digital live demo zone. During the event, more than 40 experts and enterprise executives gave keynote speeches on industry trends, advanced technologies, and shared their best practices for digitalization.

Tom Wolf, Chairman and CEO of RIB Group, and co-founder, Chairman and Interim CEO of YTWO Formative, delivered an opening speech titled “McTWO Meets Bauhaus.” He called for all construction and real estate companies to come together to create a healthy digital ecosystem.  Through cloud computing and artificial intelligence, they will create the world’s largest construction data center and will deliver a powerful cloud-based platform that will guide the construction and real estate industries on their path towards digitalization.

YTWO Formative, as the advocate of digitalization and industrialization in the industry and the co-organizer of the iTWO World 2018, its partners and several real estate companies shared their experiences, best digitalization practices, and their visions on enterprise-wide transformation during the two-day conference.

Rebecca Wang, the Chief Corporate Business Development Officer of YTWO Formative, remarked: “The success of iTWO World 2018 has shown us how enthusiastic the global construction and real estate industries are for advanced technologies, which has made me believe more in the digitalization and industrialization transformation in the industries that YTWO Formative has been promoting. I believe that in the coming year, we will have more partners who share the same vision as us to build buildings for the future.”

About YTWO Formative

Established in 2016, YTWO Formative is a joint venture of RIB, the world’s leading web-based 5D BIM enterprise solution provider, and Flex, the global supply chain management solutions provider. Combining digitalization and industrialization, YTWO Formative offers a fully integrated end-to-end cloud-based 5D BIM enterprise platform to support the building and housing industries worldwide. The digitalized and industrialized working process can generate savings and benefits of up to 30%.