this is building and housing intelligence

A transformative platform purpose-built for better building
YTWO combines the best of digitalization and industrialization. Through a cloud-based, big data enterprise platform, it accelerates the transformation of the global building and housing industries. In one seamless process, it integrates 5D BIM virtualization, digital ordering, demand-driven smart production and just-in-time logistics, taking construction projects from concept to completion. Full visibility and traceability give owners, developers, suppliers, architects and consultants the possibility to manage the entire building workflow out of one single source of truth.



Visualize Your Projects in the 5th Dimension

YTWO platform reduces waste from change orders, rework and design clashes. 5D BIM technology connects a spatial 3D BIM design with time and cost. By extending BIM data to the entire spectrum of the building process, YTWO platform enables visualized multi-project management, accurately simulating the virtual construction process before physical execution.


Manage and Capitalize on Big Data

With the most advanced Big Data technology, YTWO platform is able to effectively capture, aggregate and analyze data from multiple projects. Dispersed project information is stored in a dedicated knowledge base and turned into actionable data, which enhances management efficiency, mitigates risks and maximizes cost effectiveness. Turning experience into insight, YTWO platform unveils the value of project data.


Real-time Management Anytime, Anywhere

As a cloud-based enterprise solution, YTWO platform eliminates the need for expensive IT investments. Instant access to your data, anytime, anywhere and from all devices lets you manage projects more efficiently. All stakeholders and business partners are seamlessly connected in the cloud, improving project and enterprise-wide collaboration. User-friendly, intuitive and visualized, YTWO platform ensures data accessibility without compromising data security.


High Scalability for Agile Businesses

Drawing on state-of-the-art technology, applications can be developed and adapted to the needs of your business based on the open YTWO platform. From customizing report templates to logistics tracking, on-site deployment and Earned Value Management (EVM) controlling, YTWO platform can match different business’ requirements and their ever-growing scale.


Transforming the Supply Chain from Push to Pull

YTWO platform enables demand-driven, build-to-order production for the building and housing industries. The Bill of Material taken out from the virtual construction is directly transferred into a purchase order, avoiding unnecessary costs from inventory and storage. In this optimized supply chain, manufacturing and logistics scheduling are perfectly aligned with the project execution to reach the target of just-in-time production and delivery.



Combining state-of-the-art 5D BIM technology with world-leading supply chain management expertise, YTWO platform creates up to 30% benefits through the more efficient deployment of scarce resources, lower material cost, lower risks and streamlined workflow.


The entire building process, from design, estimation, scheduling, procurement, supply chain management, and project management to execution, is managed anywhere, anytime among all project stakeholders in one single system. The optimized end-to-end process ensures project execution on time and within budget.


YTWO’s integrated supply chain management solution introduces a smarter and more connected world for the building and housing industries. It accelerates the digitalization and industrialization of the industries to create an intelligent, sustainable and energy-efficient living environment.