iTWO World 2018 Keynote Speech

McTWO Meets Bauhaus – Tom Wolf, the CEO of RIB Group and the Co-founder of YTWO Formative

Interview Hightlights of iTWO World 2018

During the iTWO World 2018, the global industry leaders and experts shared their insights regarding the technological impacts towards the construction and real estate industry in the digital era.

McTWO, the AI Engineer for construction and real estate industries

McTWO, an Artificial Intelligence engineer, was born to transform the entire industry into the new age of digitization.

iTWO World 2018 Review

iTWO World 2018 were successfully held on November 7-8, 2018. Over 800 guests from more than 30 countries and regions gathered in Guangzhou, China to participate.

YTWO Formative Exhibition at EXPO REAL 2018

YTWO Formative exhibited its transformative 5D BIM enterprise solution at EXPO REAL 2018. The 3-day exhibition is productive and successful.

BIM to Revenue

With preferred access to YTWO Formative’s global customers’ aggregated demand, strategic suppliers will capitalize on new and steady streams of revenue based on BIM.

Keynote Speech in iTWO World 2017

From Planning to Production – CG Gruppe’s CEO Christoph Gröner and Co-founder of DIPLAN GmbH Frank Preuss

YTWO 5D Simulation

YTWO cloud-based 5D BIM enterprise platform brings you up to 30% savings and benefit.

Interview in iTWO World 2016

An interview with CG Group’s Chief Executive Officer Christoph Gröner in iTWO World 2016

Keynote Speech in iTWO World 2016

Speech of CG Group’s CEO Christoph Gröner – The First Global Strategic Partner of YTWO Formative

Keynote Speech in iTWO World 2016

Speech of Flex’s CEO & YTWO Formative’s Co-founder Mike McNamara in iTWO World 2016

Interview in iTWO World 2016

An Interview with Flex’s CEO & Co-founder of YTWO Formative Mike McNamara in iTWO World 2016

YTWO Demand Visibility (YDV)

YTWO 5D BIM enterprise platform creates YTWO Demand Visibility (YDV) which enables the building and housing companies to pull the supply chain with early defined demand.

What is YTWO Formative?

Let the Chief Corporate Business Development Officer of YTWO Formative Rebecca Wang bring you to the industrialization and digitalization world.

YTWO Formative – Cloud-based 5D BIM Enterprise Platform
YTWO Formative offers a fully integrated cutting-edge enterprise platform to transform the global building and housing industries. It will manage all projects of the enterprise completely from design to project delivery.

YTWO Formative on Fox Business

The interview on Fox News with RIB’s CEO Thomas Wolf and FLEX’s CEO Mike McNamara about the joint venture of YTWO Formative.